Why do Realtors ask for an ID?


Why Do Realtors Ask for an ID?


Realtors ask for identification for the same reason that other professionals ask. To make sure you are you. It is a safety precaution for them as well as you because you can ask and should ask for their identification and qualifications as well.


Many times, you call an agent to show a house or property that you don’t know, and they don’t know you. Why would you make an appointment with someone that you don’t know in this time of escalating crime? You shouldn’t, nor should they.


Realtors will ask for an identification and contact information. They will or should run a quick check. You should do the same.


Twenty-three percent of those polled by the National Association of Realtors in 2020 said they work in fear and 60,000 annually are victims of violent crimes like assault, sexual abuse, rape, robbery, or murder. It is unfortunate that we can’t trust one another but the facts are that crimes against REALTORS are rising and not just against one gender but all genders.


Realtors may also ask for your budget and your proof of funds or your prequalification for a mortgage amount. This is done so that they can research properties that are within your budget and find you the perfect fit. This is not because they don’t trust you, but rather because a third-party verification is what you are going to need to buy the house or property of your dreams. You are ahead of the game when you present your credentials.


Red Door Realty, LLC. is a supporter of the Beverly Carter Foundation. (www.beverlycarterfoundation.org).


The Beverly Carter Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the safety of real estate professionals and those they serve by providing research, information, consulting, training, and support to every level of the real estate industry.







July 1, 2022

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